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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kepadamu Kekasih....~

Hoho salam sume hadirin sekalian... Ni bukan tajuk lagu mahupun dendangan lagu percume tuk korang. Tapi ni adelah satu ayat puitis bunga-bungaan yg aku nak sampai kan pade tunang aku. So pade sape2 yg takut terlendir dengar...harap maaf. Sbb korang bace wall aku, so ni hak aku. Hahai~
Ouh ni yg saye nak ucapkan pade si cantik:
Saye manusia lemah.
Takde yg lebih melainkan bahagian perut je.
Dalam mencari kesenangan,
Semua kena lalui yg susah dahulu.
Jangan patah semangat,
Yang paling penting byk sabar.
Takde orang yang terlalu rileks pasal kawin ni,
Tapi untuk mengelakkan dari terlalu takut, salah sorang kene cube cool.
Tak perlu risau pasal bab keje,
Saye selalu tolong B.
Saye cume harap B happy,
Bangun pagi muke senyum!!
Saye tipu kamu.
Saye sangat takut.
Saye eksyen je cool
Saye cube senyum pade setiap masalah.
Sebab saye tau...
You're worth more than anything~

In case if you're going to ask me again whether i really love you or not,
I can't say it...
Coz its too much.
I love you with all my ORGANS!!
Not only heart..
Every beat of my heart...
Love you the most:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ku Rindu Belaian Mu

Yesss...tajuk yang agak jiwang karat. Selain dari tunang aku yg bace blog aku nih tak tau la sape2 lagi yg berminat ngn blog busuk aku ni. Maaf kalau karya aku x sehebat dan x sepuitis orang laen. Maaf jugak la kalau kecewa dengan karya2 busuk aku yg xseberape ni. Cume di sini aku nak bercerite tentang ape aku nak karya2 kan. Aku xpentingkan nilai pape sgt sbb bagi aku kalau sape nak bace, sile kan. Aku mengarut je dalam blog nih.

Oh ye...kite start bercerite.

Sudah bayak bulan melepas. Alhamdulillah, masih utuh perhubungan aku ngan Diyana (bukan name sebenar) sampai skang. Bergado tu bese la. Kecik ati, marah, geram haa sume tu da lalui. Okeyla xde yg masuk hospital ke, patah2 far xde la.

Cume beberape perkare yg aku ingin highlight kan di sini, kadang2 tu aku byk terguris dengan kate2 beliau yg secare xsedar tu. Yela, mungkin bagi beliau tu xslh tapi bagi org laen? Aku cube tuk berkompromi setulus yg boleh. Selagi mende bley bwk bincang, aku akan cube bincang dan hentikan perbalahan. kadang2 tu ade gak aku yg buat pasal, so mmg la aku yg kene carik jalan nk berbaik.

Tapi walau pape pun masalh dan dugaan sepanjang tempoh bersame ni, kitorang dapat selesaikan dgn baik. Masih ade yg kurang InsyaAllah harap kitorang dapat baiki.

Last sekali, pesanan pada tunang saye...ku rindu kamu!!

Selamat Malam sume!!

Hahaha sayang datang!! **Pura2 macam tunang aku panggil ajak dating


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Welcome to Celcom

Alhamdulillah, Praised to Allah. Finally i have a steady job. I didnt expect to work here in Celcom eventho i had to pass by the great tower almost everyday to go to my previous job. Yes i did had that concious bout how it would be to work with this big Telco company. I even talked to myself n looked myself to the mirror, what should i do to make people believe that i do have that 'power' to work under this big organization. Since the interview with Petronas didnt worked as i expected afterall, i promptly assumed that i will end up in sales and stuck in this line forever.
Guess what, im getting married but i still didnt have any steady job. Such a loser. I couldnt sleep well. Every morning i had to cheat myself and said its gonna be okay, someone will call u for a better job. I know some people being worried bout me. I know its a suicide action after what i did by quitting my previous job without any backup plan. Im so worried. Those people around me keep saying the same thing "Are you going to be fine?" Well for a second, yes i can pretend that. But the whole picture, guess what...its like breathing without air and all you can do is just hope for a miracle to happen.
Luckily, i still have quite motivations from few people. My parents, eventho they keep complaining bout my life but at least they never leave me when im at my lowest. They showed efforts by giving me quite contacts to have me call. They never asked me how i feel or am i doing fine or not coz they already knw.
Well my life was not that bad either. Theres still someone who actually struggled with me. She was worried too. She kept saying everything should be okey. I dont know who she was trying to comfort. Probably she was meant to say that to herself. But, she never leave me fighting alone. She tried to face it with me. Eventho sometimes i could see she almost giving up, but she still tried to fight. Until the day i finally got this job.
When Fauzan called me and told me that Celcom offered me the job, it was a miracle that i could've never imagined. I stood up from my sit and find a place to express my joy. I couldn't help myself to hold the great news from my parents. They deserved to know it. They seemed to be so happy with the news. So does this girl. Well, i got my hug when i told her bout this great news. So its a quite happy story for me. Seems like the hug was a message that finally we can get married.
For a reason, things might not happen like we wanted it to be. But giving up, is not one of the healthy lifestyle you should've been practice. Always remember, dont expect result too soon. Even if you thought that you've been trying all your efforts, it just not meant to be there yet. It'll come when it suppose to be. If you quit, u'll get the result...the fact that u quit. You got nothing.
Great things wont come too soon, miracle does.
Azhar Adam
Celcom Product & Services
Marketing Division

Saye Suke Kaler Biru....

Cik Tunang

Setakat ni, baju dan kaler yg paling saye suke tengok tunang saye pakai adelah kaler biru (rujuk gambar) Haaa santeekkk nok! Dari dulu da suke tengok tapi saje dendiam malu nak cakap. Jadi skang secare official saye nak nyatekan di sini bahawesenye saye suke kaler biru. Tapi kadang2 takut gak sbb mungkinaku suke tgk die pakai kaler biru atau aku yg mmg suke kaler biru?? Daa daa aku da kompem suke kaler biru. Okey....

Ke hadapan Cik Tunang... kamu adelah chantek pakai baju tersebut. Dan juge apron memasak tuh!! Hohoho!!! 3 words & 8 Letters to you!! Mmuuaahhhhxx!!

Yg benar,

One & Only

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Love You

I love the way it feels when you touch my hand
feels like i dont wanna let it go...forever
I love the way you say that i am your man,
But i still dont understand why im not the one.

Sometimes its just funny how my heart wont let it go,
Even I've tried so many ways,
Still i couldnt make u dissappear
Every thoughts of were always there.

I still remember how we first met,
And I still remember how I wanted to tell you that i really loved you,
But i just cant coz I have no strength to say it,
Now i have the strength to say it... so I'll say it as much as I can.
Even everyday...i'll have no problem to say it at all.

We both knew how it feels when our heart being torn apart,
I just wanted to give you the best,
So that one day you'll never compare,
And walk with me till the rest of our lives.

I didnt asked for a chance,
I just wanted to give us another life,
I want you and me...together,
We build another glorious moment forever.

I cant promise that our lives would be better,
But i can promise you this,
That i will not stop trying to make it better everyday...

p/s: I love u

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Am i did the rite thing?

Why did i let her took the risk to be with me?

Why did i just ignored bout her feelings when she still didnt ready to move on?

Is it possible i can make her forget bout him and turned her into mine?

Will I have that real one love from her?

If I have to get down on my knees, begging him to tell me how to make her love me more...

I will~

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Stories 11

What made u forgot who u are?
Its when u dont even know what u want
Its when u put a wall
Its when u dont want to accept ur flaws
Its when u always tot you had better

Thank you,


Random Stories

I feel like im just a STRANGER again.
I cant tell how it feels like
Hurt? A lot!
I can see huge walls that SEPARATE me from my DREAMS

I should tell myself
Never put hope anymore
Its a reminder for me to be more SELFISH
I will not SHARE anything
I will not say anything

And today i will remember why i always be a STRANGER
And why they always forget who their with

Thank you,


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Video for My B...

**Please turn of the media player at the bottom before you proceed to play this video. Thank you.

Thank you for watching.

Friday, June 22, 2012

S.h.e + H.e

I dont know how to start this, but i just hoping that one day she'll realized that all i want from her is just to love me as much as i love her. 

I may have bad moves, bad ideas, bad memories, everything including which i dont even know. But i do have one thing that i really sure about. Im sure bout how i feel. I m sure to whom should i give my heart to. 
The moment when i ask for u to be in my life, im sure that i want u. Nothing was forcing me to do that. Not even my family. Coz i want to have my life includes you. 

Thank you for every great moments we've been thru together. I was never thought that i would chose u to share my life with. Sometimes I even regret that why i never met u earlier. Why am i not like the others that can have all your full attentions everyday. Each day i try to find new ways to make you love me more. Coz i dont want to have my life without u. I happy to be with you.

If u are reading this, please know that I miss u everyday. Every heart beat, i will say i love u. I may not be as much as u thought i should be, but trust me, if u open your heart, n love me to the fullest, you'll be able to see how i see.

I really want you to be my wife. Will you?



Big World

This story is not to show who should be blame. This is not a platform where i think I should hurt anyone by my tiny thoughts. This is just a simple opinions why and where the good  relationship should be.

Differences do made us struggled to achieve understanding with each other. Same thing but we see with different views. Who to blame? I like orange colors, she likes green. I dont even understand why people have to like green. Enuff for the trees, grass etc... but here is the main point. Respect. She asked me to wear green sandals, which i dont even understand why, but i just sheathed those sandals and im still wearing it now. Because for me, you dont have to waste time to understand why but just use the time to cheer her as long as u could. I respect that. If she likes green, i dont even mind wearing green for the rest of my life. If that could make her happy to be with me, then why should i waste it? 

But some people, they might have different views. They thought that people like me, dont have the 'quality' inside. Simply follows whatever other people wants. Hey excuse me if im buggin' u, but this is how i show that i could change anything for her. Coz i dont have a lot of sweet words to say. I dont even have a thick wallet for her everyday. I just want to give some proofs so that she'll be able to see how i could lower down my ego just to make her happy. 

We all have been here before. We all did the same thing. We do had a lot of differences with each other. Just like a family. Your dad like brown and your mom like red. But are they still living together now? Do you even care if they dont like greens? You even bought them present with their favorite colors. Still you can live under one roof together. Have you wondered why?? Coz we care and we loved them! That what makes us totally ignore the differences. We loved them!! We know they could bring us joy and happiness. We just believe.

In a relationship, i wont suggest anyone to do this but some people already did. Please do not hesitate. Do not doubt. Coz when u doubt, it'll be there forever. U will always have the thought of something not nice about ur partner. 

Dont even lie. Dont even try to lie. Not even once. Let the truth dropped like an atom bomb, but still better. Be faithful as much as u want them to be faithful to u. 

Finally, i just want to make something clear now. If u really care, if u really love, u will fight for it. No matter how hard. Drop down your ego and start to share your life with the one you already wanted. You might get some people very easy coz they ran to you. But it doesnt mean you could do whatever you want. We all have the same heart. We all cries. We do feel hurt. 

As for my last words, if we ever thought that our lives could have been better with others, I suggest just walk away. Coz if u really love the one u have now, u wouldnt be able to think like that. Or U maybe did walk away before for some reason to show how u could be able to live without them. But apparently, u really missed them n regret what u did.

I'll write again later...



Thursday, June 14, 2012

Value of Appreciating

I just wanted to share something here.
Something that i think i should share with everyone
It is about the value of appreciations

"Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you HAD"

I do appreciate what i have now.
i do appreciate you
i do not want to lose you
I will try my best to hold you & be with you

I believe that we can go thru everything
Coz we have each other

I really appreciate everything that you ever did for us
Thats why i will not stop saying this to you
always will

Your Future Husband
(Real soon)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kau Ilhamku...

Di saat aku berduka...die selalu cube tuk buat aku tersenyum 
Walaupun die pun bimbang same, tapi die masey cube tuk wat aku tak patah semangat.
Aku tak tau ape istimewa sgt aku ni. Tapi die buat aku rase diri aku bernilai pade die.
Dia buat aku rase aku boley tempuhi segale suka dan duka.

Aku berterima kaseh pada Tuhan.
Aku tak pernah terpikir dia lah yg akan jadi soulmate aku.
Dari seorang stranger yg aku kenal hanye dari alam maya.
Kini die menjadi seorang yg sgt berharga pada aku.
Pada tunangku...Diyana..
Kadang2 mulut sukar nk ckp, susah nk jelaskan..

Tapi saye nk bgtau..
Saye sayang kamu..
Saye x pernah nk ckp 'I love u forever'
Bukan sbb sy xnk..
Tp dulu maseh was2 tentang forever tu...

mulai hari ni...
Saye nk bgtau...
Saye syg kamu...
I promised u that i will love u forever
You are my world...
Kau ilhamku~

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Keriangan dan Cabaran~

30 Jun 2012
Lebey kuang jam 8 malam aku ngn Diyana gerak pegi ke Kelantan. Tapi g jenjalan dulu, alih2 lebey kuang kul 10 gak baru sampai tol gombak. Kitorang meredah malam berdua g Kelantan. Perjalanan agak jauh la. Lebey kuang 8 jam gak. Kadang2 tgh drive tuh aku jeling2 gak Diyana, sian pulak tgk die da terhangguk2 tahan ngantuk. Walaupun die kate nk teman aku drive, tapi xsampai ati plak nk suh die berjage teman aku. Kadang2 bile die tertido tu aku biar kan je.Biarla die rehat. Cuaca malam tu pun ok cume hujan sepanjang jalan. Litorang rehat kat beberape tempat, Farhan Corner, Hentian Gua Musang tuk rehat2. Mate Diyana da rabak. Hehe aku cube senyap dalam kete supaye die dapat tido dengan lena. Tapi kadang2 tu die terbangun gak. Xpela, janji die dapat rest sket.

31 Jun 2012
Jam 6 pagi..Kitorang da sampai kelantan. Yeah!! Alhamdulillah~ 
Sampai2 je terus g hotel. Aku da book bebrape hari yg lepas, Yg bestnye, book cume call je. Diorang ckp nnt tulis name. Aku risau gak watnye xde bilik cmne. Tp nasib baik la ade. Bilik siap 2 katil besar! Xtau plak nak watpe sampai 2 katil besar tu. Hoho selesa!! Diyana tolong aku pindah kan barang kat hotel. Memandangkan barang byk tapi cume kitorang berdua je, so berkali2 gak la kuar masuk bilik tu. Habis je letak barang, Diyana pun salam aku n gerak balik uma die. Hotel aku pun xjauh dari umah die. Aku pun masuk bilik pastu terus....padam!

11 pagi : Diyana bbm aku "sayang lapa x?" Aku mmg tgh lapa tapi bese la cover macho sket. Ckp la xla lapa sgt. Heh....Tapi Diyana suh aku siap2 nk amek aku g breakfast. Dlm setengah jam lebey kuang Diyana sampai and bawak aku g uma die. Jumpe Papa Mama. Breakfast nasi dagang. Sedap gak! Hehe maybe sebab lapa. Tapi makan cover2 sbb aku cuak. Xbiase lagi dengan bakal family baru ni. Hehe jage tatatertib sket. Pesan mak aku semua tuh. 

Dalam tengahari sket tu kitorang gerak g mall kat Kota Bahru. Faris (adik Diyana) yg drive. Tujuan pergi adelah sbb nk beli moto mainan tuk anak buah kesayangan Diyana; (Ariq Darius). Darius ni anak abang Diyana (Hafiz) & kakak Ipar die (Kak As). So kitorang beramai2 (Papa+mama+Hafiz+Kak As+Faris+Diyana+Aku+Darius+Delisha) gerak pegi naik van besar. Seronok plak aku rase. Rase aku pun da jadi family dorang. Alhamdulillah, dorang treat aku baik sgt. Abis je beli moto mainan tuk Darius kitorang pun balik. Diyana anta aku balik hotel...~

Malam tu mak aku call bgtau da gerak dari KL naik train. Dalam sok pagi baru sampai. Rombongan family aku termasuk pakcik makcik n nenek aku. Lepas tu aku ngn Diyana kuar g makan kat area2 tu gak. Kitorang g mkn kat kedai sup. Sambil makan tu aku berdebar2 gak. Esok da nk tunang. So, tu adela malam last kitorang makan same tanpe ade ikatan pertunangan. Senang citer makan malam last bergelar bf & gf. Hehe cm best plak.

1st June 2012 : Friday
6 am : Diyana ngn aku gerak dari hotel pegi amek Aby kat airport. Die ni adelah kawan Diyana kt opis lame dulu. Kitorang amek die tuk jadi photographer mase tunang nnt. Dia dtg bersame kawan die Chip. Kitorang bawak die g hotel sbab lepas tu nk g amek kakak aku plak kat airport. Kakak aku sampai dalam kul 8 lebey. Bawak dorang g breakfast. Tapi yg wat aku panas tuh kedai tu makanan da abes!! Hadui.....da la order berkali2. Sabaaa....~

10 am : Aku anta Diyana balik uma die sbb die nk g uma mak andam tuk mekap2. Huhu aku da terbayang2 cmne rupe die nnt. Lepas tu aku pun balik kat guest house n jumpe family kakak aku. Kitorang tunggu mak ayah aku n sume sampai. Lebey kuang dalam pukul 11 lebey dorang pun sampai. Abang Hafiz amek dorang kat train station wakaf baru. 

Dalam sibuk tgh prepare brg2 antaran jam pun da kul satu lebey. So yg laki2 sume gerak pegi smayang jumaat. Diyana ade bgtau aku, "Sayang ni la masjid kite nikah nnt..."
Aku g smayang jumaat tu asek terbayang je cmne la akad nikah nnt. Haha....tunang je pun da cuak. Ni pulak akad~

Selesai je semayang jumaat kitorang pun balik guesthouse. Mak aku da siap iron baju melayu. Adik aku iron kan sampin. Aku cuak....cuak habis!! Xtenang jap. aku duk luar isap rokok ngn abang ipar aku. Die byk bg nasihat. Die suh rilek. Hehe aku obvious nmpk cuak kot. 

Dlm kul 3 tu Diyana call aku. Suh dtg dlm 3.30 sbb kek die xsampai lagi. Tapi memandangkan Pak Ungga aku as orang tengah da sampai, so ayah aku ckp kena la gerak.Bertambah la cuak aku. Aku lead jalan pun jadi xbetul. Siap salah simpang. Kepale pikir cuak je.....

Hari bersejarah dalam hidup aku. Lebey kurang 3 lebey aku sampai uma Tok Diyana. Lepas makan aku duk bawah. Dengar dorang bincang2. Ketawe xhingat. Aku nk tunang korang gelak2 nape? Lagi la aku cuak. Tapi kalau gelak2 tu lagi elok la dari bergado. Hoho maknenye semuanye ok laa...

4 pm : Alhamdulillah, segalenye berjalan lancar. Dorang panggil aku naik atas. Slow2 aku naik buat2 sopan....Semua tetamu senyum mate memandang aku bile naik. Aku berdebar2. Aku tgk diyana kat pelamin. Mak aku dtg sarungkan cincin kt jari Diyana....... Aku jadi kaku jap. X pernah terpikir mende ni jadi realiti. Aku pun tersenyum. Diyana da jadi tunang aku!! Pastu Papa pun sarungkan cincin kat jari aku. Aku salam Papa cium tangan die. Dengan ini aku da selamat bertunang dengan gadis pilihan hati. Seronok tengok semua ahli keluarga gembira. Papa+mama Diyana pun hepi. Jodoh aku jauh di Kelantan. Tak sangke.... 

Pade tunang saye Nuur Diyana ; InsyaAllah, same2 kite berusaha dan berdoa agar ada jodoh dan berpanjangan hingga akhir usia~

Terima kasih kerana sanggup susah senang bersama, dan memilih saye tuk jadi teman hidup kamu. Bukan senang nk sampai ke tahap yg kite ada sekarang. Byk cabaran kite lalui. Byk mase silam kite tempuhi. Tapi, kite berjaye sampai sini. Akan ade lagi cabaran kita lepas ni. Semoga kite same2 mengharungi dengan penuh sabar dan kasih sayang. 

Saye sayang kamu~ 
Xsaba nk panggil kamu Isteri ku.....Pn Diyana

Sebuah kisah benar,


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Its Getting Weird....

Suppose there should only left few more days to go before I will be having the biggest day of my life (for the moment). But the truth is, i cant feel anything right now. No joy, no happy thoughts, no for everything. There is something that keep spinning inside my head. Lot of questions that i need to get the answers. Lot of things that i need to solve. Im trying my best to ignore those doubts in my head. But its like part of my brain now. They keep coming over & over again. Sometimes i just wished that i can have a memory lost but there was too many beautiful memories that i couldnt just let it be erased. I've learned to accept everything that was meant for me. But sometimes i do have this kind of 'little me' inside that will always keep arguing bout every actions that i've made. I tried to make myself busy. Tried to have conversation with my GF(soon to be fiance). It worked...but only for that period. After that....this 'little me' will start talking again.

It doesnt mean that Im not happy with her. Im glad this big day is coming. Im happy that soon i will have someone to call mine. Im also happy that i will have a new family...and they were actually already treated me like part of their family's member now. I was so touched. I never knew that they will treat me this way. I can see their smiles. I can feel their joy. When Papa (Diyana's dad) called me, most of the time i heard were happy voices. Did I really make him happy? Well, he just happy to have a new family member i guess. Hey, if I had daughter one day, i'll be the same too. I'll be extremely happy..but before that, I cant wait to do those 'poker wild faces' to whoever wanna have a date with my daughter. Hahaha... "Look into my eyes...are you sure bout having a date with my daughter?? I assumed you already knew sometimes people can suddenly disappear."  Hohohohoho....

Heh i was just joking around. But lets get back to my main point here. I would like to emphasized in here that i'm glad to be her present and future. I just wanna say thank you, for opened your heart for me. Thank you for letting us to be one. I know sometimes we had few obstructions and challenges but life is like that. We will learned nothing if only good things happened in our life's. She always helped me when im down. She tried her best to let me feel better. Eventho she also knew that its gonna be a major problems but still...she did what was right.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tak boley tido...

Haih...ape nk wat ni.. mate da tekebil2 tapi xle tido.
Teringat orang jauh nun di sane. Please be here soon. I cant stand it anymore~

Past Tense....

We all have our own history. Our own great life times. The glorious and happiest moments that would be hard to be forget. It is almost impossible to erase all the memories and pretend like it was never happened. No matter how we tried, it will always come back. Sometimes, it just come unexpected. Although we knew it was just a memories that left, but we still remember. 

It is not a bad thing if we remind ourselves bout our previous life. Life should be balance. Some past need to be reviewed in order for us to be more careful in future. However, we shouldnt let it hold us. By letting urselves too much with ur past wont let u go nowhere. It'll jz let u be in ur past. Then, u'll still be in the same position. The position that u alrdy knw it nvr worked out. There must be a reason why it nvr happened like what u wished for. Thus, u have to accept and believe why are you here, and why it doesnt worked out like what u had planned. 

What im trying to say is, if we too busy to look back, we might lose what we have now. Coz there is a good reason why God created human's eyes in front of their heads. Cz He alrdy knw, we need to look forward to keep moving....

My real point here is that, be responsible with whatever u have now. U might have a lot of things happened before. But it will nvr be the same as what u have right now. U can choose to live with ur past, but u have to forget what u have now. Coz it will never be the same. Things cant always be like what u want if u still live with ur past. U could never know if the present would give greater life if u dont try. It is the risk that u will have to face. You'll face a lot of difficulties along the way just before it'll get perfect. The choice is in your hands. If u wished to have ur past, dont bother to proceed with ur present. 

Cry for your past cz u'll never get it back. But why need to hurt urselves if u alrdy have better things happen now. Save ur tears and start moving. If u think u alrdy hv the best now....grab it. Otherwise, let it go and let it be the best for others. Cz it might not be the best for u, but maybe it really means a lot to others. 

Life wont be perfect if u only look for its perfections. But its all about how u look at its perfection in a perfect views...~

Good night. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This is it....

I have s0mething in my mind.... something~

I jz hope this will change some ppl thoughts...n endless happiness~

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kejujuran itu penting...

"bile da jauh ni..masing2 kene lah jujur..insyaAllah..saye serahkan sume pade Allah swt."

Bila ada rahsia antara sesama pihak...akan muncul curiga...

Pilihan untuk hidup bersama, bererti berkongsi bersama. Bila wujud rahsia, maka tiadalah erti bersama. Hanya kertas menunjukkan hidup bersama. Tetapi realitinya, masing2 hidup berbeza. Tiada KITA dalam erti bersama, melainkan KAU dan AKU semata2. 


Baru sampai opis...letey lagi x hilang. Macam2 hal je client sume.
Hati maseh panass bile teringat kejadian smlm. Nk ckp kt sape pun xtau Nk luahkan kat sape pun bukan masalah ley selesai. Aku bukan mcm sesetengah org heboh sane sini nk expose mslh kt org lain. Tapi mcm xbest plak pendam cmni. So aku type2 la kt sini.

Aku sunyi. Aku benci....semoga akhirnye die akan paham pe aku rase~

Some thoughts over the night...

Some thoughts of mine....

We need a mutual-understanding relationships. I can give all my trust, if you trust me that i've put my trust in u. Somehow some people hard to trust other people cz they dont even trust themselves. I dont need LIES in relationship. Cz that is the key point of trust. Once you break it, its hard for you to get in. I believed in transparency. No hiding from each other. Cz for me, being together for the rest of your life..means being ONE. And there is no TWO inside ONE. There is no point being together just for the sake of marriage but keep hiding from each other. 

It is hard to understand each other. But we have to give opportunity for both sides to know better. The truth will always be the greatest pain. But that is the scale to measure how strong your relation could be. F**k all those theories from other people out there and start to believe and live on your own language. If you can put your partner into your greatest place, or the most important place in your life, it means that you are ready to be ONE. Otherwise, you know you just wasting his/her time...and also your time.

If you think that he/she is the most important person in your life, you should treat them like one. Unless you never had that thoughts, then maybe you already know what to do. Life is not as simple as it looks like. It took ages for pyramid to get done. Lots of sacrifices during the evolution. We just need to get focus. Get to know what is real. What is our main objective. 

So here is the best conclusion. A better relationship, is where we put each other as priority. We know we can live without them, but we dont want to live without them. If we cant let them share and be in our life, so dont share at all. Coz being together is all about EVERYTHING TOGETHER. And being together is about having EACH OTHER. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I also have my own story...

Question: Why did i always hard to give my trust to someone?
Story     : Somewhere in 2011... i called my ex but she didnt picked up. She just text to me said that
               shes working. I thought of giving her a surprise by coming over to her office. But shes not
               there. Met with her friends and he said that she took a leave. "She didnt tell you?" I just
               smiled and said "oh yeah i forgot"

Question: Why did i hate long-distance relationship?
Story     : Somewhere in 2010...i found out my ex having an affair with other guy. I read the whole
               text from her phone. That was the moment i realized i shouldn't read it.
               They were laughing at me when the guy said to me "Jgn frust sampai bunuh diri pulak"...
               tears dropped..wiped it slowly and hang up the phone.

I know this was the part of my PAST. But it still there. How could i've been so blind all this while? And now, i realized that i hate her so much~ Coz it seems to be her fault that made me become like this. But i dont want to put all the blame to her. It was my fault too. I care too much. 

I never cheat, never forget to whom should give my heart to. I could give my honor if they know how to appreciate it. And now, all i want is a perfect relationship. Not that 100% of perfections. But at least no more lies, no more grudge. Be truth towards each other.

At this moment... I really want to have someone to be my wife. I already choose one. Perhaps she will help me to be better. I just want to thank her because she can accept who ever i was. And i realized that i am so lucky to have her..

Still writing..

Yeah i know...
Seems pathetic just sitting in front of my laptop and doing nothing. But actually the truth is, i keep on browsing the same thing all over again. Its our pictures together. I missed that moment. We could spend all day to be together. But just sitting here and watching those pictures. 

I've no mood. No feel of doing nothing at all. Feels like im losing the very important part of me. Well i know certain people could have handle this like not a big issue. But im sorry...i cant. 

Maybe i should have not to give all my heart yet. But i is impossible to do that. Now, just me, alone....writing this s**t to help myself. 

Well maybe my brain can stop thinking of her. But my heart can't. I can keep myself busy. But in the end i know...i will always have my phone with me and keep looking at it screen. This is me...i cant change it. Even if i tried, the result always be like that. I cant stop thinking the one that i really care. My heart will always asking my brain where is it other half could have been?? 

Actually, despite of having that kind of problems, here is another problem. I hate long-distance relationship. And i dont know always happened to me. Why?? 
There is a concrete reason why i hate long-distance relationship. But i dont know if i should state it in here. Why i cant be like the others? They have each other 24/7. The could go anywhere together. BUt i always end up being far from each other! Why when she with others she always here?? Why when she with me it turned out to be like this?? Haih~

I keep aSking myself to be brave. Trust her and trust yourself. I dont know how long this could be. But i will try. 

There is something that keep bugging me. The one that keep on let me being curious. How could someone's wife send you a good nite wish. Last nyte its already turned out to be 3rd times. I wont reply this time. Nope...seems awkward to me. Im sorry but i cant reply. Dont do something stupid. No matter how bad your husband could've been, you cant just text someone else to wish goodnite. He deserves your wish not me!! I hate this kind of people. And i hate coz it makes me worry bout my future!! It makes me think what if my wife text someone else too. Please...stop it! Dont add another mess in my head will you?? 

You know what? I need her now. Haih~ 
What else to write? i hope whatever i wrote in here will not hurt anyone's feeling. No offence. I just put whatever i wanted to say. 

Then...shall we continue? Later....

Just feelin' to write something....

Im sittin' in front of my laptop and doin' aint nothin'.... Keep on browsing the same thing over and over again. Watching the clock passed by every minutes. Still, im here looking at the same page. Perhaps by writing this i should have something else to do.

Actually i just wanna write bout how i feel today. Or maybe i just include the whole thing of my feeling thing inside.Well i think it'll turned out to be like that. it is~

Dear Heart~
Please keep calm. A month or two are just a beginning. You have to be strong. You have to show that you can handle this kind of situation. Control your heart. Not to miss too much.

Dear Heart~
Thou you've been missing part of you, do not worry too much. It'll come back. It'll return to its 'home'.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Story of Us...Eventho you're far, 

I will always with me.

Love Always


Monday, May 7, 2012

Without You...

How I describe my life without u...
This is a teaser for you...

You are my precious..
Thank you for always tried your best to be with me.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Less than A month...

Maken hari maken hampir....
Sekarang tinggal beberape hari je lagi. Hati ade rase hepi beserta dengan cuak. Macam2 terlintas dalam pale otak nih. Harap2 semuanye berjalan lancar bile tibe hari tersebut.

Tapi dalam nk menghitung hari, ade gak yg xbape senang duduk aku dibuatnye. Bakal tunang aku nk kena g jauh nun di Kuantan sane. Bape lame tu xtau laa...aku malas nk pikir. Sebab aku sedey. Sebelum kitorang rapat selalu dapat jumpe. Aku abes keje je aku shoot g shah alam jumpe die. Seronok dapat jumpe hari-hari. Tapi lepas ni......pas keje, aku nk g mane?? Makan dengan sape?? Jenjalan ngn sape?? G starbak minum caramel macchiato.....Hmmmm...~

Aku risau...nanti aku sunyi balek..
Aku kadang2 tu cube xnk pikir pasal ni, tapi mmg xboley. Aku sentiase teringat.
Bukan aku xboley nk sibukkan diri tuk lupekan die, tapi sape2 pun yg kenal aku, mmg akan faham. Sibuk macam mane pun aku ni, mmg aku akan mesej or call gak. Cume xbyk laa. Aku bley skip makan. Skip tido. Cume aku xle skip lupe orang yg aku sayang~

Pade bakal tunang saye...
Saye pecaye kan kamu. Keje elok2. Jangan nakal2...
Ehem...saye sayang kamu.

Yg bertugas:

Friday, April 27, 2012

35 days left.....

Menghitung hari....makin lame makin dekat je rase. Aku makin chuak bercampur excited. Tak tau nk describe mcm mne tapi aku hari-hari asek dok pikir mende nih. Kadang2 tuh aku cume takut aku ni excited sorang2 tak memasal. So aku cube meng'cool' kan diri supaye tak terserlah sangat excited aku tuh. Hehehe...

Sejak kebelakangan ni, aku byk habis kan mase dgn merenung bakal isteri aku ni. Yelah, mcm susah nk terime kenyataan. Ade gak orang yg sudi terime lamaran aku. Bile aku tenung muke die, aku bersyukur kat Allah sbb bg jodoh aku. Aku selalu ingatkan diri aku "Ni la orang yg nk idup same ngn kau..." Nak cari orang yg nk idup senang bersama memang xsusah. Tapi nk cari orang yang sanggup melalui susah bersame tuk mencapai kesenangan, SUSAH nk dapat. Jadi tiap kali aku tenung die tu, jujur aku nyatekan kat sini, memang aku nk peluk je kuat2 si bakal isteri. Aku nk die tau yg aku sgt sayang kat die...

Alhamdulillah, si bakal isteri boley bertimbang rase. Boley terime pendapat. Boley dengar nasehat. Bukan aku nk tunjuk ego lelaki supaye die ikut ape aku cakap. Tapi aku nk tau sejauh manekah si bakal isteri boley terima teguran dan menurut kata "bakal ketua keluarga" ni nanti. Isteri yg baik adelah isteri yg taat dan patuh pade suami. Mungkin aku pun xdela manusia yg baik sgt, tapi dalam hidup setiap lelaki...memiliki isteri yg baik, taat dan setia adelah menjadi idaman dan impian.Alhamdulillah~ InsyaAllah, ni lah jodoh yg aku dapat. 

Debaran makin terase..aku asek tgk je cincin yg kitorang beli aritu. Tak sabar nk tgk cincin tu di jari si bakal isteri. Hehe...Nak je aku suh die pakai sekarang. Tapi nnt da tak best plak. Haihhhh~ 

Akhir sekali pade si bakal isteri, Terime Kasih sebab berusahe tuk sayang saye. Saye tau kamu pun byk berkorban tuk kepentingan kite bersame. Susah payah kamu saye sentiase kenang. InsyaAllah, saye xkn sia2 kn usaha kite berdua tuk hidup bersame ni. Saye sayang kamu Nuur Diyana.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rahsia tentang Lelaki....

Kali ni isu semase adela perihal lelaki. KOrang tau bezakan laki dgn nyah kan? Xtau korang check je la....~ hahaha. Okeh2 sebenarnye isu ni bukan pasal kecelaruan gender. Tetapi pasal ape yg aku tau tentang lelaki. So...bukak minda, bukak hati...bace....~ Para gadis..siLe bace~

Lelaki ni mudah perasan. Pantang ade pompuan cakap die cute ke hensem ke kompem die ingat pompuan tu suke die. Atau pun lelaki tu yg suddenly akan suke pompuan tuh. Sbb die appreciate dgn pujian pompuan tuh. So nasehat aku pade para kaum wanita, kalau puji laki tuh biar la berpade2. Sbb kalau xnk disalah erti pujian tersebut. Kalau yg da berkahwen tuh, sile2 la puji selalu. InsyaAllah jodoh berpanjangan~

Pastu, lelaki ni mudah jatuh hati. Pantang kaum hawe text, dorg akan cepat2 reply. Semakin lame korg sms,bbm,ym,fb pe semua tuh, lelaki akan rase sikit2 muncul SUKE pade anda. Belum sayang lagi. Tapi, lame kelamaan lelaki akan jatuh hati pade anda. Sile percaye statement saye di sini,harini...dan sekarang...bahawasenye jika anda ade kawan lelaki yg selalu text anda kadang2 xkire mase dan kerap, sile berhati2 jika anda hanye menganggap mereka hanye KAWAN. Ofkos dorg akan ckp bekawan je. Tapi didalam sudut hati, sebenarnye dorg ade hati pade anda. Kalau xpercaye, sile test dengan ajak dorg couple. Haa.....percayelah lebih dari 70% semua akan ckp mmg dorg da lame suke pade anda. Sbb realitinye lelaki ni amat sukar tuk menghabiskan mase dan duit pade orang yg mereke xbape nk suke.

Dan akhir sekali, jgn mudah percaye kate2 lelaki. Bukan nk kondem kaum aku sendiri. Tapi aku menilai ni dari pengalaman dan pemerhatian sekeliling aku. Lelaki kdg2 akan cakap nk berkawan la, anggap adek beradek la. Tapi pecayela kate aku ni, adik die kat umah sorang tu pun xterjage. Nk jage ko?? Aiiishhhh....

Meh aku bagi tips pasal nk bekawan ngn lelaki. Senang je kalau niat tu betul2 nk bekawan sile ikut panduan yg diberi. **Bayaran akan dikenakan sebanyak RM2.50 untuk setiap tips. Tidak termasuk cukai 6%.

1) Mesej yg perlu dan berpada2 : Kalau nk mesej selalu tu boley tapi letakkan 'GAP' dalam conversation korang.

2) Pastikan tiada unsur2 yg menjurus kepade perhubungan serius : Contohnye ayat korang ckp "kan best kalau couple ngn ko kan?" haa tu ayat mengundang tuh...

3) Jangan tergesa2 reply text atau jawab panggilan : Kalau korang reply text laju2, laki akan anggap korang pikir die ni special. Lengah2 kan supaye die rase yg korg ade orang laen lebey penting tuk di layan.

4) Elakkan ber'web cam' : Haa....yg ini sungguh BAHAYE. Jangan sesekali buat kalau korg pikir die hanye kawan. Sbb dari situ akan terus jatuh ke hati. Sile pecaye....tolong!

5) Elakkan kerap keluar hanye berdua ; Ni pun satu. DANGEROUS!! Tengok wayang ke hape ke. Sbb korg xtau kdg2 sebenarnye laki tu ajak sbb dorg mmg teringin kuar bedua ngn korg. Permulaan bibit2 percintaan la konon. Haa...

6) Elakkan physical contact : Hohoi....yg ni pun bahye joyah oii........kalau bertepuk betampar tuh jgn ingt laki xrase pape. Sekali korg touch je...haa ke hati terus kak oit~ Pegang tangan, pinjam bahu, haa sume tu boley mengundang pade jatuh hati.

7) Berkate lucah : Haa yg ni para gadis sile amek perhatian. Laki ni pikir jauh ke depan kalau bab2 camni. Jgn sesekali berkate lucah2 ngn laki tuh. Yg ni bukan jatuh ke hati dah. NI terus jatuh ke bahagian bawah. Dorang x pikir panjang melainkan tuk dapat kan yg di dalam baju korang tuh. So...fokus bile becakap. Elakkan cerite bukan2 nih.

8) Kurangkan perhatian pade lelaki yg hanye berkwan dgn anda : Awas...kadang2 lelaki ni bukan xde kawan lain. Tapi nak gak bekawan ngn korang. Xpelik? Haa...selalu pun ajak korang. G minum teh pun ajak. Ajak g teman sane sini. Bayar bil ke, tgk die jamming ke, tgk die lumbe lari ke...sume2 tu alasan je. Sbb dorang nak korang tgk die n bg mase tuk dorang supaye korang ley jatuh cintan kat dorang. So..kalau ade laki2 yg korang nengok sll nau ajak korg lepak tuh, kurang2 kan. Kalau boley cube sekali sekale tolak permintaan dorg tuh. Bg dorang rase dorg tu xpenting. Kompem dorg akan chalo n carik laen~

9) Kurangkan bergantung pade kawan lelaki : Yes yg ni cube laa...mmg kadang2 tuh ade yg pmpn xle nk buat tanpe bantuan. Tapi kalau boley elakkan dari mintak tolong orang yg same. Sbb laki ni mudah perasan kak oi... Nnt dorang pk yg korang ni syok kat die. Haaa...jangan~

100) Jauhi meluahkan perasaan pade kawan lelaki : Para2 gadis sekalian, jgnla cube jadikan kawan lelaki sebagai tempat meluah perasaan korang. Sbb laki tu akan cepat jatuh hati kat korang. Caring la konon...hadui~ Kalau ade masalh rumahtangge, bincangla ngn bf or suami korang. Kalau xboley settle carikla kawan perempuan. Kalau da xde sgt boley je luah perasaan kat kwn laki. Tapi dgn syarat, korang sentiase ingat kan dorang dengan GAP sebagai kawan.

So...maka berakhirla sudah 100 tips yg diberi. Bayaran boley di buat melalui bank yg terdekat. Semua sekali RM250.00 sahaje.

Sebagai lelaki aku bukan nk menunjukkan kelemahan kitorang. Tapi sebagai peringatan bahawe kite ni manusia ciptaan Allah. Ade yg lebih dan ade yg kurang. Ini semua adelah hasil pemerhatian dan pengalaman aku sendiri. Memang x semua lelaki mcm tu. Tapi xsalah kalau kite berjage2. Ingat pesan aku. Lelaki mudah jatuh cinta. Jangan mempermainkan hati laki. Dunia ni berputar. Kadang2 kite kat atas. Ade mase, kite pulak kat bawah...


**RM 3.00 di cas untuk setiap perenggan


June 1st 2012....

Tarikh keramat yg ditunggu2. Ade rase takut. Ade rase cuak. Ade rase suke. Ade rase macam2...haa~ Aku excited sambil menunggu hari je ni. Alhamdulillah takat ni dugaan2 kecil dapat di atasi. Kedua2 belah pihak pun okey. Xde yg menghalang. Persiapan pun sikit2 dah buat. Aku cuak!! Hoi!! Hahaha...aku tengah terbayang kat sane nnt semua duk usha mane satu laki yg nk bertunang nih. Aku da terpikir nk pakai maskot doremon je...

Tapi dalam nk menghadapi semua ni, byk gak rintangan yg sedang kitorang tempuh ni. Adela dugaan2 yg dtg. Macam2 hoi...ade yg xnk bg ktrg kawen awal pun ade.....spesis xpenah puas dgn ape yg dorang da ade...

Pape pun, aku tgh eksaited nih. Kepade kengkawan sume, doa kn aku yg terbaik.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The True Story About Journey of Happiness...

Dear Girl,
I miss u so much in my life
I've been looking for you in my life like forever...
I can't seem to find you...
Where are you, where is the perfect one for me?
I really hope that i meet her one day...
Until then I started to move on & leaves a space in my heart for her...
Now I finally found her
The One for me
The one that will be my family...

Dear Girl...
I've broke a lot of hearts just to find the right one
Just to find u and call u mine

It was full of painful journey
I'd lot of scars
Just to get over here.
To be where Im standing
Right next to you.
Heart breaks and tears along the way
I've let myself been hurt
Coz i know im still on the right path
For few more steps to reach u.
Just to grab the eternity of happiness~

Now Girl...
I'm standing right next to u
To prove that i've already had enuff
Cure me and let the pain goes away
Hold my hand
Take my heart
Keep it safe where it supposed to be

My Girl,
I've always wished that we can be together
Now to have u
Is like dream came true
Dont ever let me go
Coz i promise that i wont

Dear Girl,
There was a time,
When i had to fall my tears for u
Not to show u the tears
And hide the pain from u
Was the most painful moment
Greater pain than dropping the tears in front of u

Dear B..
Im just so happy to have u
Nothing more that i could have asked from u
but to love me back at least as much as i do

Thank you
For be mine and
For let me be yours

Your Future Husband

Monday, April 16, 2012

On your mark...set...GO!!! (Part Two)

Sedar xsedar rupenye da maken lame aku ngn Diyana nih. Alhamdulillah, setakat ni semua ok. Die boley dibawak bebincang walaupun kadang2 tuh tgk mo0d gak, tapi kurang2 boleh mengalah jugak. Aku selesa ngn Diyana nih. At one point aku rase mcm aku plak yg pompuan sbb aku yg lebey2 manje ngn die. Heheh.....nk wat camne, wa muke je ganas, tapi hati taman bro~

Diyana nih...memule aku xpenah terpikir yg die ni orang kelantan. Sumpah!! Aku mati2 ingat orang belah2 selatan. Sekali tu dia, ore klate~ Tula dulu aku sll ajuk2 orang kelantan, hambeekkk!! Tapi lame2 aku pasan yg orang ni mane2 pun same, bukan negeri yg menentukan perangai, tapi orang tu sendiri.

Beliau nih, lain dari yg lain. Aku xtau tapi aku suke care die becakap. Konfiden lebey. Seronok dengar. Walaupun bebel gak die ni, tapi aku suke dengar dgn tekun. Hehehe....Bile die cakap tu aku perhatikan bibir die, macam nk ceum pun ade...hikhikhik *malu~

Mungkin ni la jodoh aku. Tuhan bagi yg lebih baik. Bukan aku nk membandingkan sape2...tapi bagi aku, Diyana lah yg paling baik penah ade dlm hidup aku.

Aku xpecaye yg kitorang ni sebenarnye dulu kawan. Kawan yg xpenah jumpe, xpenah borak face to face tapi akhirnye jadi mcm ni. Kitorang cume berborak kat YM, Facebook je. Sometimes kat msg tepon. Tu pun sgt jarang. Yelah, dulu aku terlalu berikan perhatian kat orang lain. Sbb aku mmg xle sayang dua orang dalam satu mase.

Aku kadang2 tuh rase mcm kenape lambat sgt aku kenal Diyana nih? Nape baru skg? Nape x dari dulu aku percaye ckp Zul? Haih~

Sebenarnye bukan senang kitorang buat keputusan tuk same2 ni. Aku tau Diyana pun susah nk adapt ngn aku mule2 tuh. Aku pun same. Kitorang penah duduk pikir cmne ley jadi cmni. Hahaha n kitorang xdapat jawapan. Ape yg aku tau, makin lame aku makin sayang die.

Sebelum ni, aku susah nk terima ape yg aku hilang. Asal aku ternmpk je barang2 pemberian Alia, hati aku jd sebak. Aku balik uma aku jumpe satu kotak triangle yg dalam de guli2. Ade gamba aku n alia. N ade lyric lagu. One of our fav was "Never been Replace". Bile aku bace lyric tuh aku jadi sedey. Aku bace note2 die bagi tuh....bertambah sedey. Mak aku pasan aku xle tgk mende tuh. So next time aku balik...jeng jeng jeng...da tade! Aku tau, mak aku wat tu tuk aku. Alhamdulillah, aku boley pelan2 lupekan Alia. Akhirnye aku paham satu perkare. Kalau kite nk lupekan perkare tuh, mmg perit. Mmg susah...selagi ade apa2 yg berkaitan dgn die, aku mmg xkn dapat lupekan die. Jadi aku amek inisiatif untuk melupuskan segala tentang die. Sebab selagi ada mende2 tuh, aku kompem aku mesti akan terpikir pasal die. Lagipun die da mmg tinggalkan aku, hati manusia ni berubah2.

So...sekarang ni, tumpuan aku hanyelah pade orang yg betul2 ikhlas sayang aku. Die lah yg byk tolong aku. Die jugak byk sedar kan aku. ALhamdulillah, Diyana ni betul pilihan aku. InsyaAllah, bakal jadi isteri aku.

Family Diyana nih, aku tgk sgt mementingkan kaseh sayang. Even nenek die (tok) tanye aku:
"Mu puah hati dok denge Diyana nih? (*kamu puas hati tak dengan diyana ni?)
Aku kompem la jawab "PUAS" hehe...kalo x ade yg die suh aku balik tang tu gak.
Parent Diyana pun aku tengok baik orangnye. Xdelah nak mendabik dade ke hape. Nak pandang paiseh2 pun xde. Diorang treat aku mcm da kompem menantu je. Tu yg aku segan tuh. Hehe...

So dapat disimpulkan di sini bahawe, semuanye berjalan dengan lancar. Calon yg baik. Bakal mertua yg sporting. Aku jadi excited plak pasal tunang nih. Macam nk kasik lagi cpat pun ade. Hahahaha!!!

Finally, aku nk pesan pade sape2 la. Mende yg lepas, bukan tuk dikenang2. Tapi tuk dijadikan pedoman. Xperlu la simpan kenangan2 lepas. Sebab mungkin ade pihak yg xboley terima. Yg lepas tu lepaskan lah. Biarkan pergi. Selagi kite simpan, selagi tulah kite sukar nk ke depan. Renung2kan la dan selamat beramal....

Sunday, April 15, 2012

From My Point Of View.....

Memang susah nak explain ape2 mende yg terjadi dlm hidup kite ni. Kadang2 xmasuk akal je. Tapi ape yg aku nmpk semua mende yg terjadi ade sebab kenape dan mengapa.

Last year, aku cume manusia biase yg mengharap kaseh dari seseorang yg bergelar awek. Aku cube lakukan yg terbaik tapi dalam mase yg same aku ade gak menyakitkan hati die. Aku sedar tu sume. Aku paham. Aku cube tuk pertahankan ape yg aku sayang. Tapi sebenrnye Tuhan tu lagi tau ape yg lebih baik tuk aku. Maka wujudlah Diyana dalam hidup aku. Alhamdulillah, pedih aku sunyi sorang2 cume sekejap. Aku pun heran mcm mane kitorang bley jd mcm skg. Padahal bape kali dah die delete aku dari facebook, bbm, ym dan sebagainye. Tapi akhirnye tetap dtg balik. Xheran jugak la sebab aku gak yg mintak. Tapi tu lah yg dikatekan takdir. walau macam mane kite usaha pun, kalau dah ditentukan bukan milik kite, maka bukan lah ia akan jadi milik kite.

Aku...xpenah nk menilai sesorang dari kesilapan lepas. Aku terima ape yg lepas tu adalah pengajaran hidup. Apa yg penting ialah mase depan. Sbb kite hidup menuju mase depan, bukan ke belakang. Aku jugak ade belajar sikit tentang kesilapan aku dulu. Aku lebih menghargai hubungan yg ada skg ni. Aku dapat rase kan mungkin dulu aku terlalu byk menghabiskan mase bersame Alia. Mungkin die jadi penat, jemu dan menjurus kepada rimas. So...demi kebahagian mase depan aku bersama Diyana ni, aku akan cube untuk tak jadi mcm tu lagi. Mungkin aku kan cube kurangkan mase bejumpe, tapi bukan sebab aku xsayang. Sbb aku terlalu syg buat aku rase mungkin ini care yg terbaik.

Diyana...die ni sebenarnye lembut. Walaupun cube tuk lagak keras, tapi sebenarnye hati die macam kapas. Mudah taching2. Tapi mudah memaafkan orang. Alhamdulillah, ni lah yg aku nak.

Diyana juge...kalau die pakai shawl atau pun tudung bawang tuh, aku suke dua2!! Sbb tuh die pelik xtau aku suke yg mne. Meh aku gtau yg sebenarnye..."B yg sebenarnye yg buat chantek shawl atau tudung bawang tuh bukan mende tuh...tapi kamu..." haa paham??

Diyana nih...aku mungkin berfikiran konservatif sket, aku terlepas cakap pasal jgn kuar xpakai tudung. Haa...die pasan la plak skali aku ckp cmtu. Tapi, Alhamdulillah, die ingat pesan aku. Walaupun tu kadang2 perli aku "Sayang nk B kuar xpakai tudung ke? Haa" jgn kuar xpakai tudung.

Haa ni kang aku melalut panjang2 plak. Diyana dah ajak kuar da ni. Nak gi makan ni...

So...aku rase mende ni akan bersambung lagi.

Ok nk kuar jumpe bakal tunang aku daa....heh.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

On your mark...set...GO!!!


So arini aku nk berbicara tentang kehidupan baru. Bukan aku da mati pastu hidup balik tu bukan. Ni lebey kepada permulaan kepada sesuatu yang lebey baik tuk kehidupan aku~

Aku cube berikan yg terbaik tuk die. Semua yg aku rase aku larat n aku mampu, aku akan cube bagi. Paling byk aku ade yg aku boley bagi ialah mase aku untuk die. Aku suke jumpe die selalu. Suke same2 ngn die selalu. Kitorang ketawe same, makan same, senyum same...aku sgt suke moment camtu.

Baru2 ni, aku bawak die jume ngn kwn2 aku n also kawan2 die gak. Kitorang lepak n also celebrate bday ana (kawan aku n alia kat segamat) kat S.alam. Aku beria2 ajak Zul dtg sbb aku nk die tau sape pilihan aku kali ni. And sebenarnye conversation ktrg waktu tu lebey pade memerhatikan die dari jauh. Zul cakap "Anne ni bgs, boley mix around..." aku senyum je...

Zul sebelum ni byk tlg aku, nasehat...tapi aku yg xpnh nk dgr. But it was a real relieved after die cakap.."Aku nk tgk kau kawen dgn Anne ni...korang nmpk serasi. Aku nk dtg korang kawen." Hahaha...tulah ayat dari kawan baek aku.

Zul ni jugak adelah pemegang mohor besar aku...Semua tentang aku dari A-Z...semua dlm poket die da. Ktrg same2 pegang rahsie masing2. Sampai harini.....

Aku sgt hepi bile tgk Anne hepi.. Aku suke tgk gamba kami die da berani expose. Bukan sbb aku nk suh die menunjuk, tapi untuk tolong same2 lupe mase silam. Terus pandang depan.

To my dearest B...hold my hand, i'll bring us together, we build our future. I admit, I l0ve u....n thank u for being there for me. Not everyone can do what u did. Yes B, I wanna marry u....


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Before its too late....

I can wait... even i have to deal with my heart every time i miss u, i can still wait. But Im done chasing...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3 T ...Tell The Truth

I gave my 7 years trust to u


I hope u can gv me ur trust too..


Friday, February 17, 2012

Kene Mara Tapi Seronok...

Ini ari satu kali dapat mesej yang agak pedas ....

"Dearest Mr Azhar, kindly please remove unneeded pictures in your blog...thank you...regards, ur wife to be.."

Hehe sorry...betul2 xperasan sbb gamba tuh mmg da jauh ke bwh. Tapi nak taruk gamba hape tu yg malas nk tny. kompem xbg taruk gamba die. so aku taruk la gamba cicak memandangkn mmg masing2 pun kurus. Hikhik~

Thursday, February 16, 2012

While u were there...

When u go there,

It'll reminds you everything that you've been together before. Certain places might caught something in your mind. You just have to be strong to let it go. If you can let it go, you'll see me waiting for you ,honestly...for you. Dont be sad to let it go. Coz i will always try my best to make another happy story for you. Even if you have said its never too late to change our plans, but i really dont have it... I'd rather let you decide what is our next plan. Cz my plans will always have u in it. Without a doubt, u are the only one that i care the most rite now. Be strong...stop looking back, look forward, hold my hand, i'll guide you n we'll see the future together.

Both of us, me & U~



Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baacchhhaaaaakkkk!!! Part II!!

Haha ni la die bachak Part II...

So...sbnrnye aku agak mendiam kn diri bile xle nk conteng2 kat wall FB beliau ni. Aku baru je nk tulis pasal xle conteng kat FB beliau. Tup..tup..skali aku dpt bbm, beliau kate "I think u can start to write on my FB wall..." aku terbahak2 mcm pelakon jahat filem hindustan kejap. Mcm mne die ley tau?? Aku rase beliau ade pasang cctv ni kt uma aku.

So b4 dat, what heppend today, aku bukak FB. Cz she asked me to private some of our pics. Well, sungguh banyak gamba aku ngn alia lagi rupenye dlm tuh. Ade yg xtemampu nk delete mase dulu tuh. Hehe... Arini, dengan lafaz Bismillah, aku delete semua. Aku terima keputusan aku sniri. Aku biar kan semua tu jadi kenangan. Alia penah jadi yg terbaik dlm hidup aku. Tapi xbermakne bile dia da xde aku xboley ade yg terbaik skali lagi. Lagi pun, mungkin die dah hepi ngn hidup die sniri. Xperlu aku kacau2 lagi...

So...sambung lenkali.



Di kala malam yang agak panas ni...aku maen bacak2 ngn penuh girang... Walaupun aku xtau ade ke orang yg nak bace blog aku ni, tapi aku tau ade la yg sudi membace..Hahaha. Jadi, atas permintaan demi permintaan dari gadis2 litar di luar sane, ni abang rempit tgh menaip ngn penuh laju tuk anda ye... Sabaaaaa~

So...sebenarnye aku nk cakap tapi malu. Tapi, malu2 pun aku cakap gak la.. (jangan peduli kan aku, bace je..) Ibarat lepas kemarau panjang, pasti akan ade hujan. Macam tu la yang terjadi dalam hidup aku. Lepas aku jatuh terguling2 mcm tenggiling itu ari, aku di datangi oleh 'tiang lampu' yang putih yg menerangi hidup aku... Beliau (*merujuk pade tiang lampu tersebut) jue byk membantu aku dlm pelbagai masalah. Xde la bantu aku siapkan keje sekolah mahupun kira2 kerana beliau agak berusaha lebey kalau mende2 bernombor ni... Kitorang berkawan baik dan sangat baik!

Haa... ayat ni tergantung di sini sbb aku nk wat Part 2 nnt..Hohoho!!

tata n gubye!!


Kenangan Rumah Sewa Uitm Segamat

Kenangan Rumah Sewa Uitm Segamat
After ktrg wat solat sunat Bday Arm n A.S... huhuhu