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Saturday, July 28, 2012


Am i did the rite thing?

Why did i let her took the risk to be with me?

Why did i just ignored bout her feelings when she still didnt ready to move on?

Is it possible i can make her forget bout him and turned her into mine?

Will I have that real one love from her?

If I have to get down on my knees, begging him to tell me how to make her love me more...

I will~

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Stories 11

What made u forgot who u are?
Its when u dont even know what u want
Its when u put a wall
Its when u dont want to accept ur flaws
Its when u always tot you had better

Thank you,


Random Stories

I feel like im just a STRANGER again.
I cant tell how it feels like
Hurt? A lot!
I can see huge walls that SEPARATE me from my DREAMS

I should tell myself
Never put hope anymore
Its a reminder for me to be more SELFISH
I will not SHARE anything
I will not say anything

And today i will remember why i always be a STRANGER
And why they always forget who their with

Thank you,



Kenangan Rumah Sewa Uitm Segamat

Kenangan Rumah Sewa Uitm Segamat
After ktrg wat solat sunat Bday Arm n A.S... huhuhu