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Monday, August 31, 2009

Nisa' found her Toy!!

So you know, we entered diz mall in malacca 2day, tried to find our 'baju raya'.. and apparently nisa' found her 'toy raya' instead! she jz grabbed dat 'mouse' thingy and hold em!! seriously my bro in law must have tried hard 2 make her let it go, even jz 2 put it at the counter 2 pay for it...sigh..

such a cute gurl isnt she?? perhaps i will get one of this cute creatures one day..... started 2 count my days now...

p/s; dont really think shes ready yet.. :C

So you know...

Do you know that feeling when you’re suddenly dragged into your own world, pretty much letting go of the chaos of everyday life? (which I’m doing at this particular moment by ignoring the oh-so-annoying whines of my lil brother on who’s turn to sleep at which side of the bed on what day of the week, sigh)

Letting yourself hauled into deep thought of nothingness and by this I mean not narrowing your mind into thinking of a particular something..You know, allowing your thoughts to, hmm, meander?

Every so often when I do this, I’ll start noticing things..Things that I deem not so worthy of my immediate attention, but are important and meaningful to me nonetheless. It’ll always start with petty stuffs like..

Why my post 4 blog didnt reached 100 yet?? ? (pretty slow progress if you ask me)

Why is my toothbrush always changing places from where I last put it? (hmm, I’m thinking this has something to do with my brother)

To bigger, significant ongoings in my life..

Is it one week left until my exam start? (O God, 1 week!)

Why do I still ‘tetido’ when I drive? Seriously dude, that, can cause major ‘accidente’=(

To deep and spiritual musings..

How can I be really khusyu’ in solah?

How many minutes of the hour on that day in that week do I spent to read the Quran? For all I know, that might just not be enough.

Come to think of it, how many times have I ever really stop to ponder? Living in today’s fast-paced world where everything pretty much goes with the glimpse of an eye, it’s the simplest I can do to at least slow things up. Take a break once in a while, but instead of having kitkat^^, isn’t it better for us to ‘start noticing things’?

Things that memories are made of..
Things that strengthen the ties and narrows the gap..
Things that help you become a better citizen of the world and a better Muslim of the ummah..

So you see, it’s good to loosen up sometimes and think things through..


it was da BEST merdeka celebration 4 me diz year.....coz i simply CELEBRATE it on my bed!! haha it was such a tiring day. i just got back from malacca n reached home like 0930pm. i couldnt even get 2 say 'merdeka' to my gurl yet...heh.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

HobbY baru??

aku pun x tau dari mane dtgnyer hoby baru aku nie.. yg aku tau sejak aku tgk bdk2 cls aku asek amek gamba je, aku pun try amek 2-3 gamba.. pastu terus addict amek pic sniri huhuhu


Baru2 nie kitorang dikejutkan ngan satu kes ngeri... H1N1 melanda UiTM segamat. And da worst part was ade sorang student part 8 Bacc meninggal..

so , kitorang suma pakai mask to prevent diz penyakit. mcm mls nk pakai, tapi takut mati maa....

pape pun, al-fatihah pada arwah...

My angel growing up!!!

haha anak buah aku dah makin besar!!! umur dah setahun dah!!


You know it’s high time to update your blog when friends are beginning to SHOUT that you should in the SHOUTbox. Phew, this blog needs major cleaning i tell ya*manyak cobwebs* (and yes t-rex, i know the grass needs cutting). Does anyone even read this blog anymore?Sorry for the late updates, i know i should’ve write something at least to imply that this blog is still on the go but i was just too immersed in even I don’t know what. Yup, ’cuti’ can sure do that to people eh?


Kenangan Rumah Sewa Uitm Segamat

Kenangan Rumah Sewa Uitm Segamat
After ktrg wat solat sunat Bday Arm n A.S... huhuhu