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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Final Chapter...

The fact that i keep on writing this, not because that i wanted ppl to knw about me. Im not trying to tell everyone bout how i feel, bout my life... Cz i jz wanted to let all the sad goes away. I thought that by writing this to my wall, the sad will also sticked to this wall. But i was wrong... It could never heal anything. The pain wont go anywhere.

Since this is the last chapter, i would like to thanks to everyone that had being nice to me. I will not hate anyone. I can not hate ppl that i love.

Be happy...



Sunday, December 4, 2011

Its a Fact...

There is something that no matter how hard we put our effort into, it still cant be ours. Not even years can assure it. It was never designed for u. It was totally different pair of shoes. But, they still not believe and sadly Im one of them. Until one day, I’ve started to realize…

She is someone’s Minami~


Kenangan Rumah Sewa Uitm Segamat

Kenangan Rumah Sewa Uitm Segamat
After ktrg wat solat sunat Bday Arm n A.S... huhuhu