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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


argh.. arini aku rase letih giler. badan rase cam nk patah. dah la tulang jek. badan aku rase panas giler. Hidung xabis2 hingus....... pastu duk bwh aircond. mmgla TERbaik!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


its friday n i have 2 go wif my fren wat community service kat umah anak2 yatim muar. first b4 pegi rase cam malas sangat2!! giler rase cam xperlu suma tu... such a waste... i mara2 all da way nk pegi sane. its jz me n izwan in da car.... ktrg carut sane sini pasal mende nie. xtaula pe yg diorg yg len xcited sgt ngn wat mende nie. ktrg cam nk pukul je diorg tuh.
But after ktrg sampai, i tgk muke ank2 yatim tu, rase kesian.... memula no heart feeling langsung. but then after kenal ngn diorg, rs cam nk peluk plak sorg2. theres a twin ni, diorg yatim piatu. time ktrg wat prgrm muhasabah tu, diorg menangis gile2. sEDIH!!! xthn plak tgk. i took few pics but nnt i upload. haha

Friday, March 6, 2009

Getting 'High'!!!

its not dat kind of high dat some people might understand... its my 'temperature meter' heh..
2day i got busted by JPJ, damn... my fren wat hal again.. duh

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Dun Noe Y???

Last Saturday, sempat pegi Melaka met wif my owl frens... hang out til like 4am b4 we were asked 2 go back by da cops. duh.... none of diz gurl r mine.. am jz there 2 celebrate MR.E's gf bday...
it was so damn romantic dowh... never tot MR.E could b such a romantic guy (pathetic hahaha)... well, hope both of u will b 2gtr til ur last breath dude..


'Walk 2 da lite...'
i jz can hold em 4 a few secs b4 i had 2 let it go.... it hurts so bad, but i still had to let it go...

its was a hard n tough decision to b made... if, she loves him so much, a much as i love her, just go... i'd rather to stay n look u from far apart..

it hurts so bad dat u even still call me... u said, is it ok if u still keep on calling me, and then i said; 'yeah sure'... but, actually bby, everytime u called me, i felt like u torn me apart! i love u so much...i dont know how to say NO!!

God luck with your new life...just remember, if u ever slipped, im always with u. i'll hold u. i'm with u facing the world, me n you....

to you...alia aisya... sy tgk awk dari jauh je pasni, sy akan ingat awk, sy xkn lupekan awk, sy sll syg awk... take care........sayang


im coming PM KAMEL!!! xnk ponteng dah.., ampun!! hehe

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


heh.. now you guys can put your comment in2 my blog...
thnx 4 ur concern... specially 'jiwakacaw'..

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hepi Burfday!!!!!!

hepi burfday ayah!!!!!!
smoga pjg umur, mura rezeki, kesihatan berpanjangan!!!!!



huhuh.... yah i noe. so wht if get 2 xcited bout my niece?? jealous fella!!!

its time 2 wake up!!!!

i startd 2 realize smtg. after diz aku cube bangun awal n xnk ponteng2 dah!!! if sape2 terbace ni, if baik hati leh tolong kejutkan ak pagi...(specially my classmte).. if xnk xpe.

if u read this....

am sory so much... i noe where did u found out bout me.. i noe da limit, don't worry.


Kenangan Rumah Sewa Uitm Segamat

Kenangan Rumah Sewa Uitm Segamat
After ktrg wat solat sunat Bday Arm n A.S... huhuhu