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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hari Raya Hari Mulia...

Malam Raya....

Malam Raya yg sunyi ni, aku teringat pd someone yg sll di hati. Sll nyer die akan call n wish Slmt Hari Raya. Ktrg akan bertukar2 cerita. Ktrg gelak sama2. Msg2 rindu tuk berjumpa tp aku jauh....Tp bile jumpe aku sll jd kelu. Tutur kate semua aku cuba control. Sbb xnk terkasar n sakit kn ati dier.

Mungkin silap aku sbb berangan terlalu jauh. Aku terlalu meletakkan harapan. Aku x pernah bg ruang pd sesiapa tuk berkongsi hati aku kecuali Si Pencuri Hati.

Aku xsalah kn sesiapa. Aku cuma slh kn diri aku sbb xprnh dpt jd yg terbaik. Tp aku xprnh jd kn tu alsn aku tuk duduk selesa. Aku ttp berjuang tuk mencapai matlamat aku. Bkn kerana sesiapa, tp tuk aku sendiri.

Orang cakap bila hilang akan ada pengganti. Tp aku xnk pengganti. Tgn yg aku pegang, pipi yg aku cium bkn yg same.

Aku rindu kn si pencuri hati... Mungkin dia xdpt bace ni semua tp aku sgt harap dia dpt tau yg aku xpernah lupa kan die walau sesaat. Aku xkn lepaskan die walau aku xde. Biar org ckp aku bodoh, biar org ckp aku terhegeh2....

Maaf lah kwn2, aku bkn xdgr nasehat...soal ni, aku xkn ubah pendirian. Sbb aku bkn bercinta tuk cari gf, tp tuk jadi isteri. Bila isteri, dia lah family. Bila family...aku pertahan sampai mati!


p/s: Ni bkn cerita aku. Kwn aku yg tgh depress.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ya Allah~

Ya Allah~

Terima kasih di atas pemberian Mu. Kau telah wujudkan insan tercantik untuk ku. Kau jadikan dia menyayangiku. Kau membantu menyerikan hidupku.

Ya Allah,

Bantu lah aku menghadapi kesusahan sebegini. Hilangkan lah rasa benci antara kami. Kuat kan lah semangat kami. Jadi kan lah kami sebagaimana Kau jadikan Adam dan Hawa yang hidup berpasangan hingga ke akhir hayat. Berilah kami kekuatan untuk terus menyayangi antara satu sama lain. Pertahankan lah kami.

Ya Allah,

Murah kan lah rezeki ku. Berilah aku kejayaan yang berpanjangan. Berilah kami jodoh untuk bersama hingga ke akhir hayat. Jadikan lah pergeseran antara kami hanya untuk teladan dan bukan perpisahan.

Ya Allah,

Sesungguhnya hanya dia sahaja yang aku sayangi. Berilah kami hidup bersama. Jadikan lah kasih sayang antara kami bukan kerana harta dan paras rupa. Sesungguhnya tiada pengganti dirinya padaku. Berilah aku kekuatan untuk membentuk peeribadinya. Berilah dia kasih sayang untukku yang tiada batasnya. Jadikanlah dia sebagai isteri, dan teman hidup ku selamanya.

Amin Ya Rabbalalamin~


My Total Failure


What that i supposed to do was to cheer her up. But then again, as usual, I've spoiled it. I never wanted to be such annoying to her. I tried to control my hands from reaching my phone but i couldn't helped it. I always had the phone in my hands. Both of them and one more inside my pocket. I just hoped that she'll call and tell me to call back at least.

I missed her...everyday. I tried to keep busy just to make sure that I won't remember about her for a while. I called few friends, boys, girls, and say hello and tried to make a conversation with them. But the first question that always came from them, "Hows your girlfriend..?" Seriously?? How can i forget about her then??

I really loved her. I know, I've done a lot of mistakes. A lot of things that I can't get it back. But i will not stop to love her. I will try whatever i can to win her back!! I will not give up! Shes my one and forever be..


When My Life is Your Game....


Im writing again.. I dont have anyone else to talk to. This is the only place where i can at least feel better. When Im down, I dont need crowd to cheer me up. I dont need that. Cz i've already had someone who supposed to be there when Im in need. Someone who was supposed to back me up when Im down. But...

Im in a lot of pain...i've worked hard, just to make sure that things will be right. But it turns out to one were there for me. Even the right person that I needed most, cut me into bleed. Im already in pain dear, then you came to stab me right in front of my eyes!! Why did you hate me so much?? Im struggling for us cant you see that?? I wanted to build a better tomorrow for us! Promising future for the BOTH of us!!

You said that you loved me. You said that you never wanted to see me in pain..Then what are you doing right now dear?? Is this how you love me? Or should i say, is this how much you HATE me??

Did i ever throw you away whenever Im happy with my friends or someone else? Did I ever forget to tell you how much that i loved you?? Did i ever compared you to someone else?? Did I ever lose focus on you??



This is NOT a GAME!!

Dont say "lets try..for few months" coz this involving my life!! If you want to try to be better, not look for better itself, but YOU need to IMPROVE yourselves to be better!!! If you want to save what you have, not by throwing them away!! If you want to improve any relations, NOT by getting yourselves away!! If you really loved and you really care, then why you wanted to destroy it?? Why dont you put at least effort to help us to survive??

Dear.... I know, its was not the thing that you said were the real answers from you. The truth was hidden in yourselves. Now Im helping you to unhide it. Coz the answer is..... you NEVER LOVE ME FROM THE START!!



Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aku Hanya Satu Kesilapan Mu

When the first time i saw u, I know we can be together for the rest of our lives.
When the first time u said that u love me, i really thought that we own the future together.
When the first time i touched u, i always thought that u'll b mine forever.
When the first time u hug me, i really thought that i'm yours.
When the first time u were on my shoulder, i never wanted anything else.


I never thought that I was just a mistake...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

How could this Happen to Me? (Part 2)

I never regret when i want some changes happen to me. I never think that the changes will cause any trouble. But, recently i always think why did i change for?? If all these changes suppose to make her happy, then why she claimed not so?? Why?? Sometimes when i walked n passed by few guys who was just like me before, i wanted to tell em dont change!! Its ur life!! I know am stupid but at least i know if changes means nothing, why need to?? You tried so hard, but no one realize that you've been struggling for like killing urselves! Changes means u have to kill the old characters of yours and start a brand new one..That was almost impossible thing to do!! And I did it!! I killed myself before just to make u happy for God sake!!

Great! its raining now... Storm n lightning...great combinations. Am sitting here alone. I used to play outside when its raining.. I feel great...But when it comes to storm and lighting, it used to be my greatest fear. Back there when i was 7, I almost got strucked by lightning. Had a few scratch coz it almost strck me and I fell down from my bicycle. I never play outside again when its raining. But...ever since i knew she also scared of those lightning, I pretend to be not. I came to her with an umbrella and keep her from rains. She wont realize that my hands were shaking when i hold the umbrella. I let her by my arms and let her with me so I can protect her. When the lightning strucks, she quickly hold me.. i can feel her fear. But all i do is keep on to be with her......She never knew that when the lightning strucked, her fear that made me stronger.

How Could This Happen To Me

I really wish to see her Happy...But the sad thing is..I cant have her. But i promise her that i’ll be there for her whenever she might lost n need someone to hold on.

Can i do it?? Can i really do that? Can i control myself from falling deep in love with her?? Can i call her name and pretend that i’m just someone else? Maybe she can... But i can’t.

But..i will let my feeling flow...i’ll fill it with our memories...i’ll wait as long i need to. I’ll wait as long as she needs me. I’ll wait, and will never say give up.

I will find that happine$$$$....for you~

How could this Happen to Me?

I really wish to see her happy. But the sad thing is i can't have her, but i promise her i will be there for her...Can i do it? Can i control myself from falling deep in love with her? No....

But i will let my feeling flow..i will fill her up with my love.. i'll long as i need to wait..i'll wait. I wont give up! I miss u~


Kenangan Rumah Sewa Uitm Segamat

Kenangan Rumah Sewa Uitm Segamat
After ktrg wat solat sunat Bday Arm n A.S... huhuhu