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Thursday, February 21, 2013

T.h.e 100 ~

From 360 days...
A lot of arguments along the way. Yes a LOT. But somehow we still managed to hold it until now. Perhaps the arguments that should have made us both to have a clearer picture bout how we should 're-decorate' our future. In any relationship, they will have to face this kind of situation. They need to know each other's thoghts and perspectives. Not to mention that this some sort of requirement in a serious relationship, but the more you speak, the more you'll learn from each other. Healthy arguments are all right. Its okay to be sad sometimes. Coz you'll learn to be better and try to escape from it. Even when  a baby was born they'll cried sadly. Then through times, they learned to smile, they learned how to laugh.
Well but this post is not really about how to have a better serious relationship. I just wanted to share this moment with everyone. Today is the last 3 digits day. 100 days to go. And im so nervous. Anxious? Not really... Im glad that i could made this decisions. Im glad that i found her. Im glad that im capable to went thru all the obstacles and finally made the rite choice. It was not an easy task to go all the way to Kelantan by yourself (me+diyana) and ask permission from her family to make their only daughter as my wife. All the hurdles that we've been thru together, i believed it was something that we can be proud.
And now, since we only have 100 more days to go, i really wanna share something to my beloved and most beautiful soon-to-be wife.
"i love you from the day that i said it..."
Your Husband -soon-
20th Feb 2013
100 days to go

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Kenangan Rumah Sewa Uitm Segamat
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